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From Filipino Student Council of NSW

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New to the Australian education system? Below are some tips to help get you up to speed.

Check your course outline

It is a document that shows important details about the course that you are enrolled in such as the course learning objectives, contact information of the course coordinator/teaching staff, weekly topics, and assessment due dates, among others. This outline will help you in plotting the academic key dates in your calendar.

Peer review

Have you tried asking someone to review your work? If yes, that's great! When you are completing an assessment, it is recommended that you ask for someone's (e.g., friend, colleague, family member) unbiased opinion. This will help you assess whether or not you are fulfilling the requirements of the assessment.

Ask for help when you need it

Australian universities are committed to helping their learners succeed. Academic support is always available to all students.  When you are confused on how to do your assessments you may choose to ask your professors or consult with any of the designated learning advisers in your university. You may also join group studies or request for a peer mentor. What you need is to ask before it is too late.