General Welfare/Migration Checklist

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For student visas, please go to  Australian Student Visas or Australian Student Visa Subclass 500

For other visas, please go to the following links:

List of Australian Visas

Other Information on Australian Visas

Migration and Citizenship

Shortlisted occupations can be your way to eligibility for permanent residency or citizenship. Check the shortlisted occupation list and see if your profession matches the demand in the labour market. You may explore the following links:


  • Rent in Sydney is very expensive. It's quite normal to have rental cost account for around 50% of ones monthly expense.
  • A decent accommodation in Newcastle will be from $140-185/week. While Sydney's price will be twice as much as Newcastle.
  • You may go to or use your university's on-campus and off-campus website.

Health Insurance

If you are a permanent resident, good on you as you have Medicare to cover your basic health insurance. However, if you are on a student visa, you will need to subscribe to private health insurance.


  • CBA offers $0 minimum balance at no fee to the student.
  • ANZ offers $0 minimum balance at no fee to the student.
  • NAB offers $0 minimum balance at no fee to all.


Secondary (but equally important) Needs

Filipino Food

Unfortunately, there are not many Filipino restaurants here in NSW. See [CulturalPromotion.Location.WebHome| list of establishments] which is our attempt to collate the different restaurants and groceries around NSW.


No man is an island. We recommend you joining or even establishing a local Filo society!