Executives/Hand Over Procedure

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Procedures for handing over NewFil to the next set of executives.

Google Account

  1. Hand over the username and password to the next Chair. Don't forget to update the emergency email contact and mobile no.

Bank Account

  1. Gather the following requirements needed to transfer the bank account:
    • Minutes of the meeting stating:
      • The new bank account signatories
      • The current signatories are going to be removed from the authorised signatories
      • Updated list of executives: Director, Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Senior Managing Official
      • Notes:
        • The minutes should include the current and new signatories as attendees, and should be signed by the executives and current signatories (at the minimum)
        • Ensure that the names of the current & new signatories are consistent with their ID. Current signatories must use the names that were used in the bank forms.
        • Use "The Filipino Student Council of New South Wales" initially in the minutes before using the abbreviation for consistency with bank information.
    • 100 points of ID from the new signatories to set-up their NAB profiles
    • 2 Valid IDs for the current signatories
  2. The current and the new signatories must be present together at the bank to set-up the NAB profiles and complete the transfer of authorised signatories. 
    • State that you are changing the authorised signatories for NewFil and provide the account details
      • Account Name: The Filipino Student Council of New South Wales
      • Account #: 89-769-5053
      • BSB #: 082-001
    • NAB profile set-up (for new signatories)
      • For signatories with no existing NAB account: Provide 100 points of ID and fill out the necessary forms.
      • For signatories with existing NAB account: Advise the bank that you have an NAB account. Provide your account details and IDs to link your existing customer profile.
    • Transfer of authorised signatories
      • Accomplish and sign all necessary forms to transfer the account access.
  3. Update account details (e-mail, address, phone number) online or via the app if needed.