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Majority vote of board members (president of FiloSocs + rep from those without FiloSocs).

On-Boarding the new Executives

To-do list of onboarding head:

The onboarding head can be the secretary, HR, or whoever was appointed.

  1. Ensure that members have been voted into their position and recorded as such in meeting minutes prior.
  2. Secretary or HR will give you access to the following:
    1. GDrive
    2. Facebook Chat Group
    3. Facebook Page (will need to be done by an Admin)

To-do list of each new Executive

  1. Register to the following:
    1. NewFil wiki website here
  2. Add your details to the Exec Directory in GDrive
  3. Read the updated exec Responsibilities
  4. As a communications guideline, please respond to FB messages within two days (1 day recommended). We are all students so it's alright to say NO, but please communicate that. Not responding hampers the unity of the group, wastes the time of person chasing after you, and is disrespectful.