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Filo volunteers passionately working hard to sell our products to students of different nationalities at UNSW night market. (2019 T1)


Filipino hospitality is widely known in the world. This is usually demonstrated when people visit their friends or family. It might be considered as //cliché //to heard stories where in rural places the host would even slay even the remaining number of their livestock to cook a mothering dish out of it and offer it to their visitors to honor the visit. Also, they would even give up their own rooms or bed if the visitors are staying for a night or so. This kind of stories carried from generation to generation, and perhaps it helps shaped the Filipino hospitality we known today.

Strong Work Ethics

Ever heard of stories circulating on the internet where foreigners explained why they chose Filipinos as their employees? One of the many reasons is their strong work ethics. Since they are considered resilient people (thanks to our natural disasters). It’s no wonder that there are many Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) around the world and they are tagged as the new heroes of the country for their massive contribution to the Philippine economy.

Strong Family Ties

Strong family ties can be summed up to ‘damayan or pakikipagdamayan’  having empathy or helping one another. A typical Filipino family in a house is often composed of extended families where cousins are considered brothers and sisters. They tend to help each other out particularly when someone is struggling financially or there are relatives celebrating special occasions such as weddings and birthdays.


Another commendable Filo trait is our strong linkages to faith. From our cultural practices to almost every aspect daily living, it's influenced by a religious touch. This philosophical trait served a positive role in shaping the Philippine societal structure from politics, education to community development. Historically, the Philippines became a religious hotspot due to interregional trade with other Asian countries



The Filo phrase "Bahala na" or "let it be" in English is a prominent mentality to which Filipinos are accustomed to say whenever they are in uncertain or daring situation. The origin can be traced back from the early Filo diety called "Bathala". Theoretically, Filipinos call on to Bathala (God) when they need help to alleviate their problems. Nowadays, Filipinos use it as a phrase to express their unwillingness to be more certain with the outcomes of their doings. It leans more as an excuse and relying more to luck.

Crab mentality

Crab Mentality or 'utak talangka' is a trait where one doesn't allow to be surpassed by another which results to the former pulling down the latter. This mentality, though is known anywhere around the world, is quite prominent from families, schools to workplaces. Mediocrity "Pwede Na Yan" Of all negative Filo traits, the worst of these could arguably be the "pwede na yan" mentality. This is explained by a characteristic of settling to a mediocre output instead of doing it in a more excellent manner.