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Filipinos love to sing and you shouldn't be surprised if the most prized appliance at the home of your Tito or Tita is a karaoke machine. Filos tend to be very generous with food, but not on lending their personal magic sing.

Youtube karaoke

If your society is on a budget, you can also set up a karaoke event inside your University. You just need to:

  1. Book a room where you can make music/noise
  2. Borrow a speaker, microphones (I suggest at least 2), and a projector
  3. Bring a laptop that is connected to the internet
  4. Connect the following
    • PC to projector
    • PC to the speaker (one might need to buy an XLR cable to 3.5 mm headphone jack for this)
    • Microphones to the speaker
  5. Have people put in the song they want to sing at youtube and have fun :D

To make the event more lively, you can also bring in some chips or drinks.

Karaoke bar

Google "karaoke bar" near your location and a good list will probably show up.