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What is it?

A dessert made of mixed fruits, sweet beans, milk and shaved ice, typically topped with purple yam and ice cream. 🍨🍦🍬

Planning a Halo-halo event

  1. Equipment
    • Ice shaver machine. The plastic one you can spin by yourself should work fine.
  2. Ingredients
    • Ice
    • Evaporated milk (a cheap alternative would be milk + sugar)
    • Ube ice cream (there is one at Haymarket or Filo stores)
    • Grass, yellow, green jelly
      • more color = better
      • if you want a cheap one, you can buy the ones you'll need to boil.
      • if you're lazy, you can buy the ready-made ones in cans.
    • Jackfruit in syrup
    • Coconut gel syrup or more commonly known as Nata de coco
    • Red mung beans       
    • Golden steamed saba