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A Filipino tradition of dining ~~ what is a *Boodle Fight*? First things that come to mind are: *banana leaves, hands,* of course FOOD! But what really is it? Let's revisit a bit of history.

Ready on the left,
Ready on the right,
Commence boodle fight!

As per **, "boodle fights began with the military where it is the common meal prepared for the entire troop. This is meant to be a celebration - to many, a rite of passage. While literally "fight" suggests fighting *for the best parts*, this culinary experience is a symbolism of camaraderie, brotherhood, and equality among comrades.

Sample Boodle Fight - prepared during an event by UNSW FILOSOC. T1 2019

Nowadays, *boodle fight* is a Filipino culinary culture best explained by a picture ~~ a feast wherein food is laid out on banana leaves and everyone eats just with their hands, scraping for every piece of the good, the better, and the best parts!

So how is it prepared?

After the historical excursion, it does feel *yummy* to take part in one. But how is it prepared? What do we need? Here are the most basic needs:

  1. Banana Leaves
  2. Rice
  3. Main Dish - Grilled | Fried | Etc.
  4. Side Dish - Tomatoes | Boiled or Salted Egg | Toppings
  5. (Misc.) Beverage


This menu was once implemented by UNSW FiloSoc which had ~~8kg of meat feeding around 30 people with cost around AUD150-200.

  1. Food (Coles or Woolies)
    • Rice
    • Shrimp (0.5 kg) costs around $20/kg
    • Frozen Spring Rolls (1 kg Coles)
    • Roast Chicken (1 kg)
    • Tomato
    • Cucumber
    • Spam (1 kg)
  2. Food (Filo or Asian Grocer)
    • Banana Leaf (frozen, 1kg)
    • Longanisa (2 kg)
    • Tocino (2 kg)
    • Hotdog (1 kg)
    • Salted Egg (8 pieces)
    • Mang Tomas
  3. Drinks
    • Tang Orange Juice (10L)