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Tips on finding a job

First, you have to make your CV right! Go to your university's Careers Service office and ask for guidance. CVs are written in different way. Unless you do it an Australian way, you will not get a chance to be shortlisted. Know the ways how to address selection criteria and weigh what are the important and relevant job experiences for the position you are applying for.

Second, keep your contact details reachable. Employers may call or send you a text message or an email.

Third, prepare for your interview. You seek again for guidance of your university's Careers Service office and schedule for a mock interview.

Fourth, when not successful, keep on trying!!

Working Rights

The Fair Work Commission creates the rules while Fair Work Ombudsman is in charge in implementing rules and regulations in employment regulation. To know about your working rights and entitlements, please go to


Superannuation is just like SSS in the philippines. It is a form of saving for retirement in Australia. Your "super" is a contribution paid by your employer on top of an employee's salary/wages. However, just like SSS in the Philippines, an individual can opt to contribute more and invest more for his/her retirement claims. Whether you are an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident or Temporary Resident (international students), you can be eligible to claim your super. You can claim your super when you retire or at the age of 65 or if you leave the country for good. To know more, please go to the following sites: