General Welfare

From Filipino Student Council of NSW


Meet up with newly arrived Filipino students (2018).

These pages aim to provide information towards

  1. Helping newly-arrived Filipino international students to adjust and fully integrate into Australian society.
  2. Providing programs or guidance related to housing and accommodation, consumer rights, employment, transportation, and other concerns that are relevant to students adjusting to a new life in Australia.
  3. Providing continuing mentorship for issues on the general welfare of students and help liaise with relevant agencies, institutions and areas of the organisation.
  4. Connecting Filipino students in NSW, both domestic and international students, to maintain support and camaraderie within the community.
  5. Reaching out and assisting prospective Filipino international students on their queries about Australian education and lifestyle.

More Pages

Basic Needs

International Education in Australia

If you are interested in studying in Australia, it is good to know what are the rules that can protect your rights as you study and live in Australia. Please go to Your guide to your International Education in Australia For student visas, please go to Australian Student Visas or Australian Student Visa Subclass 500.

Financial Support

One of the scholarships is the Philippine-Australian government partnership known as Australian Awards Scholarship.  You may also apply directly to your chosen university. If you know other scholarship programs, please let us know and email us at to help more students.


  • Rent in Sydney is very expensive. It's quite normal to have rental cost account for around 50% of ones monthly expense.
  • A decent accommodation in Newcastle will be from $140-185/week. While Sydney's price will be twice as much as Newcastle.
  • You may go to this or use your university's on-campus and off-campus website.

Health Insurance

Mental Awareness on Cultural Adjustments Workshop (August 2019)
  • If you are a permanent resident, good on you as you have Medicare to cover your basic health insurance. However, if you are on a student visa, you will need to subscribe to private health insurance.
  • Some universities have free physical and dental check-ups. (Hear from you designated universities).


  • CBA offers $0 minimum balance at no fee to the student.
  • ANZ offers $0 minimum balance at no fee to the student.
  • NAB offers $0 minimum balance at no fee to all.


  • See types of opal cards here
  • Philippine Driver's License is valid for international students. You may also apply and convert your Philippine Driver's License to Australian Driver's License. Know your Driving privileges here

Balikbayan Box

Filipino Food

  • Unfortunately, there are not many Filipino restaurants here in NSW. See [path:/xwiki/bin/view/CulturalPromotion/Location/| list of establishments] which is our attempt to collate the different restaurants and groceries around NSW.
  • Blacktown, Sydney is know to have lots of Filipinos and Filipino stores!
  • Make friends and know from your Australian friends! They definitely know more!


In just 2 months, newly-arrived student, Patrick Erestain, found his leadership opportunity by joining NewFil and his university's Filo Society (UONPinas). He was officially interviewed by SBS Radio, a national radio station in Australia , about his involvement in the Global Climate Strike 2019 in Newcastle. (September 2019)
  • Know how to ace your assessments
  • Attend your University’s writing workshops
  • Read the Course Outlines
  • Borrow books – maximise your University’s Library, City Library and NSW Library
  • Know proper citation and referencing
  • Every course has different expectations, so refer to the Course’s Rubric all the time!


  • Make friends, join and get involved! We recommend you joining or even establishing a local Filo society at your university!