Cultural Promotion

From Filipino Student Council of NSW

The Philippines is known for its rich and phenomenal culture. One of the duty of our youth is to showcase and spread it around the world - starting in our immediate environment which is New South Wales, Australia. In line with this duty, we shall implement the following guidelines.


  1. Promote Filipino culture through a student-centric approach; championing not only in the lives of international Filipino students but as well as the Filipino local students here in NSW.
  2. Cultural promotion should be relevant and rooted in the important aspects of the Filipino race. This can be achieved by tying our events to current trends that showcase the Filipino culture.
  3. The showcasing of our programs should be distinct from other societies’ programs. All of our planned programs should keep the identity of the Filipino people.
  4. Through combined efforts and effective promotions, we will raise awareness not just here in NSW but also back home in the Philippines which can then lead to sponsorships and other modes of funding.
  5. The end goal of our cultural promotion is that the Filipino community here in NSW, students or non-students, will feel the presence of the council and will see the relevance of keeping and enriching the Filipino culture.

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